domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

Shoes: 250
Jeans: 150
T-shirt: 50
Jacket: 300
Accessories: 20
Customer: Hello sr how much is the red jacket?
Saler: The red jacket is in sale for three hundred BSF.
Customer: What about the white T- shirt?
Saler:The white T- shirt cost fifty Bsf.
Customer:And how much are the pair of jeans?
Saler: The pair of jeans cost one hundred fifty BSF.
Customer:And the shoes?
Saler:the cost of the shoes is two hundred fifty bsf.
Customer: Great! i will take all.

My house and the rooms

Hi everyone

I live in big house with my parents in Cabimas.In my house there are Seven rooms. one living room, a kitchen, a dining room, two bathrooms, four bedrooms, and a garage.

Every monday"

Every monday... gets up at 5:00.
Then I gos to the bathroom and have shower. After that I gos and have breakfast I have cereal.
I lave home at 5:40 am and I gos to school by transpote.
I arriver at school 7:00 am a 11:00 am. For lunch I sopa. After school I watches TV at 1:00 pm and do I homework at 8:00 pm a 11:00 pm. Finally to bed at about 11:00 pm

sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

Special day, homework, Favorite celebration (Ahora les dire mi mes, dia y celebracion favorita)

Hi wordl, today I speak of my birthday and my favorite holidays.

My birthday is on Octuber 21, this day I celebrate it with my family and friends.
My favorite local celebration is christmas, It´s from 24 to 31 This day I share with all my family
My favorite month of the year is Octuber, My favorite day is Fristhday, because I don´t to go school and I don´t have to get up early.
My favorite holiday is August because dont have to go to the school.

My schedules,after school, weekend,Homework, (Aqui les explico mi horario de clases, lo que hago en las tardes y el fin de semana)

This is my schedules..

On Monday, I have Philosophy of the Law class at seven o'clock (7:00), then I have Methodology of the Law class at nine o'clock (9:00).

On Tuesday,  I have free time, then I have  Criminal Law class at nine o'clock (9:00).

On Wednesday, I have free time, then  Criminal Law  class at nine o'clock (9:00).

On Thursday. I have English II class at seven o'clock (7:00), I have  Methodology of the Law (9:00) 
On Friday, I have Philosophy of the Law class at seven o'clock (7:00), the free time.
In afternoons after school, I come sleeping I get up at 5 a.m. I watch TV from six to Eleven and it happens

On Saturday, I get up at four p.m (2:00pm),Then I clean my house, I watch TV. I have free time.

On Sunday, I do homework and I check my facebook.

Activity of the unit 7

Thi is my friends Milanyely she´s from Maracaibo, Venezuela. She´s 17 years old. She´s a studen, she goes to Law school in URBE. Her phone number is 0414 0987899. Her does not have Pin. Her email is.....She  has a blog link is She does not have Avatar